Technology Knowledge

“Knowledge about certain ways of thinking about, and working with technology, tools and resources. and working with technology can apply to all technology tools and resources. This includes understanding information technology broadly enough to apply it productively at work and in everyday life, being able to recognize when information technology can assist or impede the achievement of a goal, and being able continually adapt to changes in information technology.” (Koehler & Mishra, 2009).


Defense & Security Technology
Defense & Security Technologies, International Cooperation & Negotiation, FMS Programs, Acquisition & OFFSETs, Advanced Capabilities & Weapons Systems, C4-ISTAR & Multi-Domain Data Links, CBNR, Advanced Training Center, CIMIC, Security Products & Systems, CyberDefense & Advanced Multidomain Systems

Aeroespace Industry
Aerospace Industry, Aviation Market, Trade & Sales, Global Aviation Services, CNS-ATM, Airports & ARO-AIS, UAVs, SIMs & Training, Aviation Flight Academy, Design, Flight Test & Aeronautical Certification. Satellites, Vector & Propulsion Systems, Spaceports, Mission Control, Nano & Micro Satellites, Rockets Launch Sites

Space Quantum Communications
Space Quantum Communications & Space Quantum Cybersecurity, Quantum Cryptography & Communications, Advanced Algorithms, Quantum Dynamic Coding & Keyless, Laser, Optic & Photonic LAB, Quantum CNS/ATM, Quantum Internet, Quantum Blockchain, [QKD] Solutions, Quantum 5G Cellphones Networks, Laser & Optical Satellites

Technology & Knowledge Economy
Information & Communication Technology [ICT] Solutions, Knowledge Economy HUB, GeoInformation, Computer Networking & Software Development, Electronics & Telecommunications, FINTECH, SmartCity Solutions, C-4 DataLink Centers, Cyber Security, Data Science & Analytics

R&D+i - Science & Technology
Advanced Knowledge Centre, Innovation LABs, R&D+i Centre, Science & Technology HUB, Design & Invention, Testing & Approval, Quality Control, Audits, Digital Transformation, Prototipes Development, Robotics, Automatization, Simulation Systems, Products & Solutions

Disruptive Technology
Disruptive Technologies & Advanced Knowledge, Artificial Intelligence, BigDATA, IOT, Blockchain, Cognitive, Quantum Communications, Quantum Applications, Hypersonic, Autonomous, Quantum 5G, Quantum Cryptography & Advanced Algorithms, Nanotechnology & New Materials.

BioEconomy & AgriBusiness

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BioEconomy & AgriBusiness, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Forestry and Fisheries Industry, Crop & Animal Production, AgriTech & AgPrecision Systems, BioFOODs, TecnoPork Farms, BioEnergy, Animal Nutrition Foods, BioFertilizers

BioTechnology Industry
MicroBiology & BioFoods Industry, BioTech Labs, Single Cell Proteins (SCP), Scientific Nutrition: Supplemented Foods, Nutritional Health: Enteral & Parenteral Nutrition, BioMaterials - BioFuels - Bioremediation Products

Bio FOODs & Commodities

Agricultural Commodities & Foods Markets, BioFOODs & AgriFOODs Products, Global TRADE Link, Logistics Service, Trade Assurance, Production Monitoring & Traceability Systems

Smart City Projects
Smart City Concept, Technology, Smart Governance & Sustainable Development, Human & Social Development, Competitive Intelligence, Economic Development, Public Servicies, Urban Planning & Environmental Development

Smart MOBILITY Projects

Smart Mobility Projects, Autonomous & Driving Enhanced Solutions, Zero Emission Programs, Efficient Multimodal Public Transport Systems, Electro Mobility Transport Systems, Smart City, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) & Mobility on Demand (MoD)

Electro MOBILITY Solutions

Electric Vehicles [EV], Electro BUS, Renewable Energy & EV Power GRID, EV Charging Infrastructure, Zero Emission Programs, EV Pay-Card System, Smart GRID Systems, Hybrid Vehicles, EV Monitoring & Traceability Systems, EV Artificial Intelligence

Energy, Oil, Gas & Fuels
Renewable Energies, Solar & Wind Power Parks, SmartGRID Networking, Energy Saving & Efficiency Project, Hydrogen & Hybrid Engines & Propulsion, Electric Power Networks, On-GRID & OFF GRID Energy Solutions, BioEnergy, Waste to Energy Plants, Hydro, OIL, GAS, Fuels, BioFuels & eFuels

Technology & Environment
Tecnología, Movilidad, Ambiente y Desarrollo Sostenible, Ecological & Environmental Technologies for Sustainable Development Goals. Zero Emission & Zero Waste Programs, Bioremediation & Environmental Pollution Solutions: Air Quality, Noise & Wastewater Treatment Plants

Mining Industry
Mining Market: Prospection & Exploration, Exploitation & Beneficiation, Mining Servicies & Facilities, Logistic & Multimodal Transport Solutions, Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Management (EPCM), Operations & Maintenance (O&M), Infrastructure, Camps & Construction

Healthcare & Medical Technology
Community Health & Well-being, HealthCare & Quality Life, Scientific Nutrition & Health: Supplemented Foods, Hunger, Malnutrition, Eating Disorders & Obesity, Regenerative Medicine, Digital Health & Medical Technology.

Multi-Purpose Training Centre

Centro de Instrucción Multipropósito para la Toma de Decisiones especializado en Aviación, Defensa, Seguridad, Gobernanza, Emergencias, Gestión del Riesgo y Manejo de Crisis. (Aviation, Risk, Security, Emergency & Crisis Multi Purpose Training Centre )

Travel & Tourism Industry
Travel, Tourism, Hostelry, Gastronomy, Cruises, Airlines, Buses & Car Rentals, Culture, Adventure, Wildlife & Luxury Tour Packages, Official Tourism Promotion Strategy, Antarctic Adventure Tour, Andes & Patagonia, Iguazu Falls.