Research & Development .:. Innovation LABs & Scientific HUB

Centro de Conocimiento Avanzado .:. Ciencia & Tecnología


R&D, Innovation LABs & Scientific HUB

AI - Artificial Intelligence LAB

Neural & Cognitive LAB

Swarm Intelligence LAB

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance LAB

LASER, Optics & Photonics LAB

Quantum Cybersecurity LAB

Advanced Electronics Lab

Quantum Communications LAB

C4 - Command & Control Center LAB

Computing & Data Science LAB

Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Aerodynamics & Aerospace LAB

New Engines & Propulsion LAB


Clean Energy & Storage Systems

Electric & Hybrid Vehicles LAB

Robotics & Automatization



Microbiology & Biotechnology LAB

Bio Foods & Scientific Nutrition LAB

Bio Fuels, eFuels & New Fuels LAB

Bio Plastics & Bio Materials LAB

3D & 4D Printing LAB

Additive Manufacturing (AM/ALM)

Material Jetting, Powder Bed Fusion, Fused Deposition Modelling, Sintered, etc.

Advanced Materials LAB

Advanced Knowledge Centre

R&D, Innovation LABs, Disruptive Technology & Knowledge Economy HUB

R&D, Innovation LABs & Scientific HUB

Research & Development, Innovation LABs, Science & Technology Knowledge, Design & Prototypes, Advanced Projects & Testing, Homologation & Certification, Scientific HUB

Advanced Technological Capabilities

Emerging, Converging & Disruptive Technologies, Advanced Capabilities & Solutions. Applied Research, Global Technology Development, Industry Solutions, University Extension

Knowledge Economy HUB

Knowledge Economy, Digital & Blue Economy Enterprises. Technological Transfer & Technical Assistance, Economic Development Districts, Technology-Based Companies


Conventions, Events & EXPO Center

EXPO GLOBAL: Events, Fairs & Exhibitions, Marketing & Advertising, Multimedia Actions & Editorial Business, Promotional & Merchandising, Press & Diffusion

Sport, Culture & Recreation District

Sports Areas, Olympic Village, Cultural Area, Outdoor Cultural Events Area, Theme Parks, Recreational Areas, Entertainment, etc.

Commercial & Gastronomic District

Educational and Technological Village: Cultural Area, Museums, Library, Bars, Restaurants and Recreation, Shopping Center, Hospitality, Health Center, Public Services, Students Residences