Knowledge Academy & Training



Centro de Entrenamiento Avanzado

Servicios y Soluciones Tecnológicas Globales .:. Capital Humano, Trabajo Remoto y Gestión del Talento

Facilities: Villa Carlos PAZ, Córdoba & Buenos Aires, Argentina .:. Miami, Fl, US

Advanced Multipurpose Training Center

R&D, Innovation LABs & Scientific HUB

Advanced Training Curses: Research & Development, Innovation LABs, Science & Technology Knowledge, Design & Prototypes, Advanced Projects & Testing, Homologation & Certification

CIMARSEC - Advanced Training Center

Multipurpose Instruction & Training Center: Analysis & Decision Making for Emergencies & Contingences Situations, Risk & Crisis Management, Aviation, Health, Security, CIMIC & Governance

Advanced Technology Training Center

Advanced Training Center, Emerging & Disruptive Technologies Training Programs, Mission & Operations Virtual Training & Simulators, Technological & Multidomain Capabilities

"EDU COMPLEX & TECH" - Educational & Technological Complex

Special Area for the establishment and operation of Universities and Teaching Centers, Academic Facilities, University Campuses, Technical Schools, Factory Schools, Technology-Based Schools, Center for Design, Research and Academic Innovation, Research, Development & Innovation ( R+D+ i), Science & Technology, etc.


Parks & Recreational Spaces

Academic Facilities


Conventions, Events & EXPO Center

EXPO GLOBAL: Events, Fairs & Exhibitions, Marketing & Advertising, Multimedia Actions & Editorial Business, Promotional & Merchandising, Press & Diffusion

Sport, Culture & Recreation District

Sports Areas, Olympic Village, Cultural Area, Outdoor Cultural Events Area, Theme Parks, Recreational Areas, Entertainment, etc.

Commercial & Gastronomic District

Educational and Technological Village: Cultural Area, Museums, Library, Bars, Restaurants and Recreation, Shopping Center, Hospitality, Health Center, Public Services, Students Residences

Administrative Management Services

Commercial & Administrative Management

Maintenance Services & Technical Support

Advanced Knowledge Centre

Advanced Capabilities Solutions, R&D + Innovation Laboratories & Advanced Training Center

Advanced Technological Capabilities

Emerging, Converging & Disruptive Technologies, Advanced Capabilities & Solutions. Applied Research, Global Technology Development, Industry Solutions, University Extension

Innovation LABs, R&D & Scientific HUB

Research & Development, Innovation LABs, Science & Technology Knowledge, Design & Prototypes, Advanced Projects & Testing, Homologation & Certification, Scientific HUB

Advanced Multipurpose Training Center

Advanced Technology Training Center, Emerging & Disruptive Technologies, Virtual Training & Simulators, Multipurpose Capabilities, R&D + Innovation Courses, Scientific Courses

EXPO's, Events & Management

ExpoGLOBAL: Business Complex Management & Concession, Planning & Management of Meetings, Events, Expositions & Conventions, Marketing & Advertising Campaigns, Multimedia Actions & Editorial Business, Press & Diffusion, Promotional & Merchandising

Capital, Investment & Financing

PROFIDEX: Production, Finance, Investment, COMEX & Economic Development, Capital & Banking, Productive Promotion, Economic Development, COMEX: Financing & Insurance, Asset Management Services, Private Capital Solutions, Facilitations Services, Partnership Cooperation Agreement, FINTECH Companies & Startups

Prosperity & Knowledge

PROCONOSUR: Prosperidad y Conocimiento para el Desarrollo Sostenible, UN Sustainable Development Goals, Human & Social Development, Prosperity & Equity, Planet & Environment, Partnership & Cooperation, Smart Governance & Public Policies Programs, "Economic & Knowledge Development Agencies"